Caotica is a new media production company and content collective. Based out of Calgary and Vancouver, Caotica functions as web content production HQ, online magazine collective, and community organizer.

Our website features our written content, and  information on the services we provide when we’re not working on our own projects. We’re all about new media, short-films web-series, podcasts, and blogging. These are the open frontiers of the internet, where imagination and inventiveness are king. With this in mind we gather up all the filmmakers, creatives, writers, comedians, and internet weirdos we can find and try to help them find a little place to shine. We’re committed to spotlighting Canadian talent and Canadian art, and giving them a place where they can find other like minded individuals to collaborate with.

So give us a read, check out our projects, and let us know if you’re looking to collaborate.