Regarding Piers

Born 1987, still alive. Writes/eats. Dead eventually.

Piers was raised in the wilds of the Canadian west (Calgary), then educated in the wilds of the Canadian east (Nova Scotia). Then some other things happened, until his life was forever altered the day he marathoned the Twin Peaks box set. Slumped over an ottoman like a wet noodle, he stared into the television set and realized, for the first time, it was staring back. It had always been staring back. “I could do this”, Piers whispered to an otherwise empty room.

He had left the prairies to study the arts of business and musicianship in the far-flung exotic locale of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. But it was at this particular moment, when the ghost of grand-shaman David Lynch spoke to him through Twin Peaks, that he decided to commit himself fully. Telling himself that surely years of performing arts training and an education in advertising could have some limited application in the film industry, he hit the westward Trans-Canada.

Gathering his portfolio, he enrolled in the writing program at the Vancouver Film School. Finally, he had begun writing, producing, and creating his extremely particular interpretation of the world. A student of character with a soft spot for absurdism, Piers Rae is an ambitious, creative and widely versed devotee of the craft.

For his writing and media work, Piers has won a CFXU programming award, the VFS YouTube scholarship,  Telefilm Canada New Voices award, and the Big Rock Eddies Grand Prize. His work has been shown internationally, at film festivals all over the place. He enjoys writing things and winning things, and would like to keep doing so.

Resume, CV, and references available by request.

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