100 Days/100 Albums

100 Days/100 Albums
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My writing partner - dapper young man-about-town Erik Jovanovic - and I spend most of our time comparing albums instead of writing. He likes post-hardcore or some nonsense like that, while I like mind-altering prog-rock or folk. We argue back and forth, but write very little, and doubtless annoy everyone at the tables around us.

And so in the interest of putting the whole argument to rest, we've each selected and reviewed our top 100 albums of all time. These are the albums we play over and over again to ourselves, the ones we force other people to listen to, and recommend to anyone willing to listen. The replay value of an album is the key sign of it's strength here.

The rules for our comparison are simple. Pure albums only: this means no soundtracks, no EP's, no live recordings, and (obviously) NO compilations will be accepted. We're reviewing albums, and will accept no substitutes. There's room for the amazing albums knocked off the list by these standards on the "honourable mentions" board.

Only one album may be selected per artist. If this knocks your top ten albums out of the running because all you listen to is The Pixies or Tom Waits, that's just too bad. You have to pick the best of the best. Our final product may have ended up more as our respective lists of influential artists in our lives than a list of the best albums outright, but it should still be taken as recommended listening nevertheless.

So keep an eye out to our blogs: starting this weekend, we dive into each of our top 100 albums and discuss just what it is that makes them so essential.

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